Celebrating 4 Years in Deer Trail!

Four years ago today, Hog Haven Farm relocated to its current location (in Deer Trail, CO) from a much smaller property in Byers. This move completely changed the course of our rescue work, allowing us to expand, save more lives, and give our pig friends so much room to graze and stretch their legs! This move truly allowed us to be Hog “Haven.”

A view of the Hog Haven Farm property, prior to relocation: June 2016

Thanks to our friend Ricky, who spent hours hand-mowing the overgrown grass and weeds, we were able to move the 28 pigs and 2 miniature donkeys in one day! Ricky also spent countless hours over the last few years helping build pens and shelters, designing name plates, and being a total asset for the safety of our pigs.

Another view of the new Hog Haven Farm, June 2016

So much has changed in these four short years, and so much for the better! Hog Haven Farm is now home to 122 rescued pigs, and in the 6 years we’ve been operating, nearly 300 pigs have been saved.

The current view at Hog Haven Farm, looking down the main corridor, June 2020

When we first landed in Deer Trail, we only had 2 pens, and we didn’t allow the pigs free access across the whole 40 acre property (as we needed to fix some fencing).

The current view, looking up the main corridor, June 2020

Hog Haven Farm now has more than 20 pig pens, and the pigs are allowed access to the field during the day! We are so grateful for all of the support we’ve received over these years, to be able to follow our passion and dream of rescuing and rehabilitating pigs, educating the public, and showing the community just how special these guys really are. Thank you!

The Hog Haven Farm Piggy Family

One of our frequently asked questions is how we determine what pigs are adoptable, versus what pigs will be sanctuary residents. It’s a great question, and we have given a lot of thought to how best explain our process.

There are a variety of factors that influence our decisions–not just regarding adoptable vs. permanent, but on how to best socialize a new pig, how to integrate a new pig with existing pigs, what pen a new pig should ultimately be placed in, and so forth. The first step in our process is to familiarize ourselves with a pig’s personality traits and behavior. Is the pig dominant, or timid? How does the pig interact with other pigs through the fencing? How does the pig interact with humans, both the regular caretakers he sees daily, and the random visitors who stop by?

One of the families calling Hog Haven Farm their home: Batman (middle) is the biological dad of Neils Boar (left) and Valerie (right)

Pumba’s Progress

In August 2014, we rescued Pumba, a four-month old potbellied pig looking for some TLC and a good home. It was our intention to foster Pumba and find him a good match–but, he instantly bonded with us, and we decided to keep him! Pumba had been fed a poor diet, and in such case, was overweight with terribly dry skin and mange mites. We switched him to a healthier diet, including pig chow and a supplement of vegetables, and gave him skin treatments with coconut oil. In addition, we provided him with an Ivomec treatment (a dewormer) that helped eliminate the mange. Check out Pumba’s pictures over the past few months–he’s looking way better, and he’s finally grown into his body! We absolutely love this guy, and must say that our first real rescue attempt was a success!

Pumba 4 Mo

Pumba 6mo

Pumba 8mo