The pigs who call Hog Haven home – Part II

Welcome to the official Hog Haven Farm blog! Check out more of our current residents (as of March 2018). A few days ago, we shared pictures and information on 20 of our piggy family members, names A through F–today, learn about piggies name H through L!

Hagar is one of six pigs who came from a hoarding situation in April 2017, and is named for musician Sammy Hagar. Though very timid upon arrival, Hagar is slowly building trust with people, and will be adoptable soon!
Hampton is a sweet, timid young potbelly who arrived at the sanctuary in February 2018. While he currently stays alone, he is slowly making friends with our Yorkshire, Lola, and potbellies Marvin and Walter!
Harley was an owner surrender in September 2015. This handsome boy is one of our larger potbelly residents, but is so affectionate! He lives in our main pen with best pals Journey, Cupid and Bentley.

Henry is a Spotted breed, and was picked up as a stray in Wichita, KS. We drove to save him in January 2018, and he will live his life out with his new friends Journey, Felix, and the hooligan piglets!
Herschel is a slightly older potbelly–likely around 8 or 9 years old–who was abandoned at a property when his family moved. He came to Hog Haven in September 2016 with his brother Jimmy, but his current pals are Dottie and Chief Wiggum!
Hope is a sweet, timid potbelly who came to us in February 2018 from a neglect situation. Her stomach was enlarged, suggesting a tumor, but our vet determined a seroma instead. She received proper care and is on her way to trusting humans again!
Horace is our only resident KuneKune, and was saved from slaughter in April 2017, with his partner Molly, a potbelly. This handsome boy will do anything for snacks or a belly rub, and has a charming smile!
Infinity is one of our resident hooligan piglets, born to Journey in August 2017 at the sanctuary. She looks just like her mama, and is full of spunk and personality!
Jasper was born at Hog Haven Farm on Easter Sunday 2017–a surprise litter born to Mama! This handsome boy has his mama’s snout, and is the most adventurous and social of his siblings.
Jimmy came to Hog Haven Farm in September 2016, along with his brother, Herschel, after his family abandoned them in a move. Jimmy loves his new life and new friends Brindle, Leo, Hagar and Paxton!
JoJo was rescued from a neglect situation in February 2018, with her sister, Hope. This pretty gal does not trust humans, but loves to snuggle with her sister and root. Slowly but surely, we know she’ll come around.
Journey, our goofy Hampshire, was saved from slaughter in April 2016 with potbelly Wilma. Journey was one of our “oops” mama’s, giving birth to 6 piglets in August 2017. She gets to live her life out with her babies and her pals Felix and Henry!
Katniss Eversqueal, our fierce, spunky therapy pig, was surrendered in June 2017 after issues with the family dog. Katniss has a very unique coat, and loves other piggies–especially her pals Thor and Phil.
Kevin made a long trek from Arizona to Colorado to live at Hog Haven Farm, along with his best friend, Lola! This sweet boy is on a weight loss plan, but has such a happy smile and great disposition.
Krameris one of five piglets that came from a group rescue effort in January 2018. Aptly named for his hairdo, Kramer is timid with people but adores other piggies.
Leeloo is one of Delilah’s babies, born at the sanctuary in July 2017. She is the largest of her siblings, and loves to explore, root, and sunbathe with her brothers and sister.
Leo is one of six pigs who came from a hoarding situation in April 2017. This timid boy loves other piggies, but still isn’t quite sure of humans. He hangs out with his brothers, as well as friends Jimmy and Dyson.
Lincoln, our resident hillbilly pig, has an amazing smile and a big personality! Rescued in July 2015, Lincoln is our resident escape artist and explorer. His best friends are Lucy and Cupid.
Lola is one of our resident Yorkshires, and was transported from Arizona to Colorado in November 2017 with her best friend, Kevin! Lola can be very intimidating, and has a few aggression issues. She is next on our list for spay!
Lucky is one of the celebrity pigs at Hog Haven Farm! Escaping a truck bound for slaughter, Lucky wanted to live his life–and made his way to us in October 2015 after his daring escape. He’s our gentle giant, weighing ~700lbs.
Lucy Goose came to Hog Haven Farm as a grossly obese young pig in May 2015. In her first year, Lucy lost over 50lbs and has grown into her body! She’s now one of smaller pigs, and she’s so full of affection and personality.

Thank you for learning about some of our piggy family members. Stay tuned for another post to meet more of the piggies!