The pigs who call Hog Haven home

As of March 2018, Hog Haven Farm has 85 piggies in its family–of these, 77 are residents, and 8 are boarding with us. Check out the adorable pictures and brief bios about some of our piggy family below (this is the first post of several)!

Amelia Earhart was born at the sanctuary to Delilah in July 2017. She has been adventurous and curious since birth!
Annabelle was an owner surrender in January 2017. This sweet lady is one of our smaller adult residents, and enjoys hanging with her pals Oscar, Peter and Phoebe!
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!! This handsome Hampshire was born at the sanctuary to mama Journey in August 2017, and is so full of life and personality!

Bentley joined the family in April 2016, after he could no longer live in apartment with his family. He is skeptical of new people, but so very sweet when he warms up.
Boris was our second pet pig, before Hog Haven Farm was founded. He is 4yrs old and a total mama’s boy–and puts the belly in potbelly!
Brindle is one of six pigs who came from a hoarding situation in April 2017. We believe he is daddy to Delilah’s babies, and he has become increasingly trusting in our care.
Found tied to a fence in November 2015, Charlotte made her way to HHF for a better life. She immediately bonded with Daisy Duke, and is our resident mud queen in the warmer months!
Fed a diet of donuts as a means to be fattened for slaughter, Chief Wiggum was rescued by a kind lady and found his way to Hog Haven Farm in May 2017. He has made great progress losing weight, and his best pals are Dottie and Herschel.
Chopper was an owner surrender in September 2015, after a divorce. He grieved his family and broke our hearts, but is thriving with all of his friends (including Truffle) at the sanctuary!
Cupid, our resident ‘werepig,’ came to us in July 2015. Tormented by dogs and young kids, Cupid took time to warm up to us–but he has become so social in our care!
Daisy Duke is one of the favored piggies by visitors to the sanctuary. She came to us in November 2015, and this sweet, social gal is best friends with Charlotte.
Danzig, aptly named after the punk rocker and singer of the Misfits, came to us in October 2017. He is approximately 8yrs old, and has very impressive tusks! His best pal is Rudy, who came to us shortly after his arrival.
Delilah is one of six pigs who came to us from a hoarding situation in April 2017. She was pregnant upon arrival, and gave birth to 8 healthy piglets in July 2017. She was only 10mo old at time of delivery.
Dottie is the oldest resident at Hog Haven, and is full of sass, spunk, and so much personality. She has experienced a lot of change in the last year, but she doesn’t let anything get her down for long. She is likely a Hampshire/potbelly mix.
Duke is one of five piglets that came from a group rescue effort in January 2018. Very timid and not at all socialized, Duke is slowly warming to humans and loves to nibble on shoes!
Dyson is our resident “emo pig,” and is very vocal. Surrendered after a dog attack in fall 2016, Dyson loves to challenge new people–but all he wants is a good belly rub!
Our resident floppy-eared Meishan, Felix was originally sold as a mini pig and found his way to a shelter in Kansas City, MO when he grew too large. Felix found his way home in August 2017, and we absolutely adore this affectionate, goofy guy!
Ferdinand is one of five piglets rescued as part of a group effort in January 2018. He is a teeny little guy, about 7mo old, and pretty timid with humans.
Fiona was one of five piglets rescued as a group effort in January 2018. She is the most friendly (and biggest) of her siblings, and loves to give kisses!
Fletcher is one of Delilah’s babies, born at the sanctuary in July 2017. He and his sister Amelia look just like their mama, and have been slowly warming up to people the last few months!

Thank you for learning about some of our piggy family members. Stay tuned for another post with the next 20!